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Weight Loss Journey: Week Four

From Dr. Schmerge: Hillary has offered to share her story as she works with me on losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss, nutrition and physical activity look different for everyone. Please do not start a new regimen without consulting a medical professional first. Equity Health is here for YOU and your journey.


  • I crossed the 160-pound line on the scale. I knew it was time for a change.

  • I got under 160 pounds on my own!  I did it! I got to 155 pounds. But then the scale didn't move. At all. And I was feeling really frustrated.

  • First visit/shot to Michelle: 155 lbs

  • Second visit/shot: 153 lbs

  • Third visit/shot: 152 lbs

  • Fourth visit/shot: 151 lbs

  • Fifth visit/shot: 150 lbs

Side note: The 5 pounds I was able to lose myself (from 160 to 155) took months. As I noted in my first blog post, I just could not get under 155. Nothing I did made the scale move. Nothing I ate (or didn't eat) made a difference.

To see those next five pounds come off - in a month! - is a pretty great feeling.

Week four - five

Nausea is gone and so is the fatigue! Late last week I reached out to Michelle to look for some tips for upping my energy level. You may remember I mentioned that fatigue was challenging at times. She sent in a B12 prescription and I brought it to my visit this week. After the weight loss shot, the B12 was administered in my arm.

She also reinforced the importance of eating small meals throughout the day and to make sure I was getting enough protein.

Side effects

Between eating more protein and the B12 shot, I feel great. (I have made a much bigger effort to follow her instructions and I am feeling back to "normal".)


I'm still walking almost daily. Hitting the Y this afternoon! Summer is on its way and the heat is on. Walks will definitely still happen, just in the morning or evening. My veggie garden in looking great and I really enjoy spending time pulling weeds and working on the garden and landscaping. That alone is quite the aerobic activity!

Moving forward

Next week, after ensuring the B12 shot did its work, I will start administering shots at home. Just because I won't be in as frequently doesn't mean Michelle isn't in touch. She's accessible and responsive. She is my partner - and I can't imagine doing this with anyone else.

I'm feeling really good. A good indicator of weight loss is when your clothes fit better (and mine do!). But I also feel it emotionally. I feel good about myself, my health and my journey. The weight loss isn't rapid - and that's good! I'm confident that when I get to my proper BMI (body mass index) I will have the tools to maintain my weight and a healthy lifestyle.

I'm back for the sixth shot early next week. Stay tuned!

- Hillary

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