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Weight Loss Journey: Week Nine

From Dr. Schmerge: Hillary has offered to share her story as she works with me on losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss, nutrition and physical activity look different for everyone. Please do not start a new regimen without consulting a medical professional first. Equity Health is here for YOU and your journey.


  • I crossed the 160-pound line on the scale. I knew it was time for a change.

  • I got under 160 pounds on my own!  I did it! I got to 155 pounds. But then the scale didn't move. At all. And I was feeling really frustrated.

  • First visit/shot: 155 lbs

  • Second visit/shot: 153 lbs

  • Third visit/shot: 152 lbs

  • Fourth visit/shot: 151 lbs

  • Fifth visit/shot: 150 lbs

  • Sixth visit/shot: 148 lbs

  • Seventh visit/shot: 150 lbs

  • Eighth visit/shot: 148 lbs

  • Ninth visit/shot: 149 lbs

  • Tenth visit/shot 149 lbs

Week nine - ten

It's been a better week! I'm still more nauseous and a bit more fatigued than the past few weeks. The anti-nausea tabs are wonderful. I'm managing the fatigue by really watching what I eat (too much sugar = sleepy) and when I eat.

Interesting side effect: not only have my hunger-feelings changed completely (like, I don't feel hungry - all day), but my all-day love affair with coffee has significantly declined! I had several cups a day up until two weeks ago. I'm now at one cup. I am very surprised, as that was my go to comfort food for so long. I just don't have the taste for it.

Moving forward

Michelle increased the dosage for this most recent shot, and that means I'm hitting the weigh loss zone! She did alert me to the usual side effects (mine are mostly light nausea and fatigue). As I noted, I'm learning how to manage those side effects by listening to my body and managing my eating, resting, activity and sleep times.

I'm back for the eleventh shot this Wednesday and am ready for the scale to go down at each visit. I'm realistic; losing under twenty pounds means the pounds come off a little slower. My goal is 135 and I truly feel like now it's underway.

Here's to continuing to being healthy - and staying cool in this heat!


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