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Weight Loss Journey: Week Seven

Updated: Jun 27

From Dr. Schmerge: Hillary has offered to share her story as she works with me on losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss, nutrition and physical activity look different for everyone. Please do not start a new regimen without consulting a medical professional first. Equity Health is here for YOU and your journey.


  • I crossed the 160-pound line on the scale. I knew it was time for a change.

  • I got under 160 pounds on my own!  I did it! I got to 155 pounds. But then the scale didn't move. At all. And I was feeling really frustrated.

  • First visit/shot: 155 lbs

  • Second visit/shot: 153 lbs

  • Third visit/shot: 152 lbs

  • Fourth visit/shot: 151 lbs

  • Fifth visit/shot: 150 lbs

  • Sixth visit/shot: 148 lbs

  • Seventh visit/shot: 150 lbs

  • Eighth visit/shot: 148 lbs

Week seven - eight

It was certainly nice to see my weight go down this week, but before I even stepped on the scale, I knew it would be lower. I could just feel it!

Last week's visit I was definitely retaining some fluid. I'm using the bathroom regularly (some constipation is normal, but I haven't had any issues. Thank you, coffee habit!). My gut felt a lot better at this visit.

My shot dosage remained the same this week. I was given another B12 shot and continue to take daily B12 gummies. Fatigue continues, and I am trying to keep it in check with protein and lots of water.


As the summer heat and humidity increase, it can be hard to motivate myself. I'm planning outside activities more in the morning or later in the day. This past weekend we got out the paddleboards and hit the lake both Saturday and Sunday. It was amazing!

I have always loved the water. The summer of my 50th birthday, two of my best girlfriends and I spent a few days at a lake house in the northeast. It was my first time trying paddleboard - and I was hooked.

To celebrate my milestone birthday, I came home and bought two boards. I live near many lakes and drop-in spots, so choosing where to paddle depends on my mood: do I want to be challenged by speed boats that (purposely) giving me large wakes to cross, or do I want a calm and quiet setting with minimal boat traffic? I definitely enjoy the peaceful setting of still water, but the leg and core workout to stay balanced over a large wake is pretty amazing!

Moving forward

I'm heading to Florida today to see my son for a long weekend. He's in college and taking summer classes, and this is the perfect time for a visit! Of course, I'm not a fan of excessive sun, so I have to be super careful. But a beach afternoon under the umbrella is definitely in the plans.

I'm back for the ninth shot early next week - I'm getting really close to an increased weekly dosage, and that means quicker weight loss.

Here's to being healthy,


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