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Weight Loss Journey: Week Three

Updated: Jun 5

From Dr. Schmerge: Hillary has offered to share her story as she works with me on losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss, nutrition and physical activity look different for everyone. Please do not start a new regimen without consulting a medical professional first. Equity Health is here for YOU and your journey.


  • I crossed the 160-pound line on the scale. I knew it was time for a change.

  • I got under 160 pounds on my own!  I did it! I got to 155 pounds. But then the scale didn't move. At all. And I was feeling really frustrated.

  • First visit/shot: 155 lbs

  • Second visit/shot: 153 lbs

  • Third visit/shot: 152 lbs

  • Fourth visit/shot: 151 lbs

Week three - four

Light nausea continues, along with fatigue. On a positive note, my decreased appetite and fewer cravings continues.

Side effects

Michelle kept the same (increased) dosage with my fourth shot this week. I reached out to Michelle to ask about the ongoing fatigue and if it should be a concern. She explained that it's one of the most common side effects due to low blood sugar. She told me to eat small meals throughout the day and be sure to include protein. She also suggested protein shakes, and I'll be darned, some energy kicked right in!

She called in a B12 shot to my pharmacy. I'll bring that with me next week and she'll administer it. It's another way to minimize the sluggish feelings.


I'm still walking almost daily. Haven't made it to the Y because I'm just not feeling well enough to. Between the nausea (and it's very light) to fatigue, I opt for a nice walk outside.

Moving forward

At this week's visit Michelle discussed how the next series of shots will be what kicks up the weight loss a notch. We also talked about the option to send me home with four shots that I administer myself at home. (And I'm totally ok with that idea!)

I'm back for the fifth shot early next week. Stay tuned!

- Hillary

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